Our Team

We are grateful for a dedicated and hardworking team, and we would not be here were are today without each one of them!  

Phyllis Keino:  Director

Stella Keino:  Associate Director 

Bob Keino:  Farm Manager

Caroline Wambeyi:  Social Worker

Jemimah Ngetich:  Social Worker

Dorothy Akinyi Okola:  Matron

Rachel Ekal Suron:  Caregiver for the babies

Lilian Chebet Mutai:  Caregiver for toddlers

Rebecca Jerono:  Caregiver for toddlers

Julius Sang:  Cook

Jessca:  Cook

Grace:  Kitchen aide

Ester Ekutan:  Housekeeping

Sheila Chepkemboi:  Housekeeping

Grace Maina:  Housekeeping

Elizabeth Chepkosgei:  Housekeeping

Mary Odallo:  Garden