The Kipkeino Primary School is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Phyllis Keino. Since January 1999, the school has provided a quality primary school education to hundreds of students from the Eldoret highlands in western Kenya. Located walking distance from Lewa Children's Home, Kipkeino Primary School has the ultimate goal to provide exceptional education and educational opportunities.  In December 2005, the school ranked #1 in the District out of 400 primary schools for the Kenya Certificate of Education Exam for Grade 8 students. All Kipkeino School students who sat for the exam passed and were called to placements in secondary school. (Some data that's more recent?)

The Kipkeino School is providing a quality education and first class-facilities to the orphans from the Lewa Children’s Home and many other deserving children from the community and beyond. More than just a top-notch education, the school provides employment to 20 teachers and 31 non-teaching staff from the local region, contributing to the local economy. Bread and Water for Africa®, one of Lewa Children's Home primary donors, has provided critical funds for school construction and for supplemental equipment, supplies and materials such as computers, library books and musical instruments.

Today, the Kipkeino School is one of the best primary schools in the country and more than half of their students join prestigious national schools while the rest that can go on to secondary school join country schools and well performing private schools.