We aim to transform lives of children who need a loving home no matter their circumstances and assist them to become successful members of society.   

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Our Beginning

Phyllis Keino started taking care of orphaned children with her husband, Kip Keino back in the 1960s, in Eldoret, Kenya, after close family friends died and their children were left with no where to go.  The Keino's took them in with open arms, and soon their home grew to help more children from the community. As the home grew, Phyllis took the initiative to move to a farm that she bought back in the 1980s and built a primary school.  The KipKeino primary school within walking distance for the children to attend to along with other children from their community, and the farm produces some of the freshest milk and the best gouda cheese you can find in Kenya!


"We are most proud of the success of the children with their education, health and respect."

— Phyllis Keino, FOUNDER


It is one of Phyllis' goals to extend a helping hand to almost everyone who asks.  She contributes aid when we can to the local community, and makes the well-being of her children at the home her number one priority.  

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Our Mission

To establish a children’s home quality standards fostered in a family environment that provides the children with nurturing support, inculcating in them the ability to work and think independently, to be mindful of others and especially to those that are less fortunate than themselves, to be industrious, responsible, religious, humble, and honest. To further recognize that success can only be achieved through diligence, perseverance, persistence, unity of purpose and hard work.


Get Involved

We have many opportunities for friends to get involved.  We welcome volunteers to stay at the home or visit our donation page to make a donation at any time!

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